The Nissan CVT8 RE0F09 Chain and Pulley Assembly was build by Jatco. The Jatco CVT8 expands its suitability to the 2.0-to-3.5-liter classes. Keeping the CVT’s smooth drive, this unit achieves a top class ratio coverage while being compact, and with sophisticated improvements to the efficiency of the respective mechanisms, a significant reduction in friction has been achieved, improving fuel economy by up to 10%*1 the conventional CVT.

Nissan CVT8 RE0F09A/B (for 2.0-to-3.5-liter FWD vehicles)
Nissan Altima 2.0 L V-6 3.5 L
Maxima 07-13 V-6 3.5 L
Murano 03-12 V-6 3.5 L
Quest 11-13 V-6 3.5 L